Sherry Danese Principal Market Research Lead

Sherry Danese
Market Research Lead


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Qualitative MR

Qualitative research methods are personal and interactive, allowing us to untangle complex problems. These research methods are innately flexible and may be executed one-on-one or in groups using in-person, telephone, and online data collection methods.

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Quantitative MR

Quantitative research methods are helpful in providing statistical information about research questions so that accurate conclusions can be drawn from the data and findings can be generalized from the sample to a broader population.

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Market Access MR

Our Market Access Market Research team can assist you with qualitative and quantitative research pertaining to the following types of projects:

  • Preparing for a launch and needing to understand how access issues might impact product uptake
  • Benchmarking competitor access service offerings, websites, etc.
  •  Advisory boards with health care professional staff (physicians, office practice managers, nurses) to evaluate programs or product launch materials
  •  “Quick view” expedited qualitative research to get a topline view of market access issues impacting your product
  • Evaluating specialty pharmacies (SPs) within your HUB to determine if they are meeting your / your client’s needs

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Mixed Methodologies

Mixed methodologies research offers the best of both worlds: the in-depth, contextualized, and natural but more time-consuming insights of qualitative research coupled with the more-efficient but less rich or compelling predictive power of quantitative research.

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Featured Blog

“Mixology … Blending Methodologies for Today’s Challenges”

Mixologists practice mixology and bartenders tend bar.   Mixologists evolve the field of bartending, creating innovative cocktails the world has never seen.  A bartender serves the drinks that customers order.

It is time for the mixologists in all of us to shake up market research. Questions rarely come in a box and rarely are contained to a single department.  Now is the time to mix up the methodological approach to help all the stakeholders answer their questions. Mixed Methods.

What are they?

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Case Studies

Our expertise in market research is driven by a passion for finding real-world insights that can fuel our client’s success.  Read on to see examples of both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Client Feedback

At Cadence the experience our client and teams have is paramount.  We believe it’s what sets us apart in a crowd.  Our approach is based on building long-term partnerships that fuel your success. Every engagement for every client is important to us. Our goal is to make our clients feel that their project is the only one we are working on. Through outstanding execution and an environment that lends itself to the free exchange of feedback and information we provide a relationship they can trust.

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