Daryl Twitchell Principal Consulting Lead

Daryl Twitchell
Consulting Lead


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KC Hildreth Principal

KC Hildreth
Executive Coaching


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Our consulting practice focuses on three areas: commercial assessment, venture development and start up advisory all supported by our deep research capabilities.

Commercial Assessment

Healthcare companies are constantly balancing the quest for growth and innovation with the tactical priorities of remaining focused on their core business. They are looking for new applications for medical technologies, new therapeutic indications for compounds, or expanded approvals for devices.

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Venture Development

We have been engaged by companies and investment funds to help drive innovation and successfully transform concepts into commercial ventures.  Healthcare companies, whether pharma, health services or med tech, are increasingly looking for growth opportunities outside of their own organizations and proprietary skill sets – but they may not be properly equipped with processes, competencies, or external networks to properly source innovation from external domains.

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Start Up Advisory

As our clients seek to foster innovation and growth for their future, we step in to provide advisory services to help them succeed.  Whether you are a start up, have invested in one or are growing a portion of your product portfolio with an entrepreneurial approach, our Start Up Advisory team can assist with growing your venture.  We provide the expertise and knowledge to coach leaders and management teams through the growing pains of taking a concept or early stage product from start up to stable management and or integration.

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Featured Blog

Innovation is a hot word right now in pharmaceutical strategy.  It is futuristic, creative, cutting-edge, energizing, and entrepreneurial.  Innovation is not hype, though.  It is the solution to the reality that internal R&D labs are losing productivity, drug approvals are down, and venture capital for start-ups is drying up.  Innovation has just a little do with a brilliant idea, though, and everything to do with executing it with discipline.

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Case Studies

Our consulting expertise lies in a collaboration of deep market knowledge along with venture investing and M&A expertise.   Read on to see the application of this dynamic skill set to our clients’ challenges.

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Client Feedback

At Cadence the experience our client and teams have is paramount.  We believe it’s what sets us apart in a crowd.  Our approach is based on building long-term partnerships that fuel your success. Every engagement for every client is important to us. Our goal is to make our clients feel that their project is the only one we are working on. Through outstanding execution and an environment that lends itself to the free exchange of feedback and information we provide a relationship they can trust.

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