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“Why You Should Give a Damn about Your Vendor’s Culture”

We think we have something pretty special at Cadence that you may never see directly.  It is technically invisible and a little hard to describe, but we think it’s tangibly felt by all our clients.  What is it? It’s simply our internal culture.   Perhaps you are thinking,  “Sure, but why should I care about it?” I’ll give you 3 good reasons that impact you and the work you do everyday with a vendor.

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“Oncology Franchise – Identifying Strategic Alternatives”

We developed an oncology franchise development strategy, leveraging current assets based on clinical, commercial, and regulatory criteria.

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“The clear reports with actionable recommendations that Cadence provides and their ability to quickly plan effective, streamlined meetings for us has made them an instrumental collaborator.”

Daniel P. Lundberg
Vice President, Marketing
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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