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Our Story

When is it the right time to break out on your own?  It’s a question that many ask but rarely consider seriously for a variety of reasons…high risk, lack of capital, lucrative alternatives, etc. The safety and consistency of a corporate job can be compelling reasons to hold off on any new venture, especially in a down economy.  Such was the case for us for many years but in 2008 all of that changed on an icy overpass near Dallas, Texas.   Sugata was involved in a tragic accident took the life of a friend and colleague, a reminder of the frailty of life and uncertainty of the future.  The perfect day to chase your dreams may never come because you may not be there to meet it.  It was the push we needed to launch Cadence.

We started Cadence because we believed there was a better way to run an agency and to serve our clients.  Having worked on both sides of the client-agency table, we knew it was possible to create a successful organization built on authentic commitment to its employees and clients.  How we work and why we work are critical to our success.  At Cadence this means creating a culture that is collaborative and collegial where colleagues and clients are respected for not only what they do, but for who they are.  Our orientation is to be of true service to our clients.  We do this in four distinct ways:

          Bringing deep expertise and experience to each project we engage in

          Understanding the dynamic environment our clients operate in and thus being flexible the design, pricing and execution of each project

          Consistently producing great work

          Making our client’s lives easier

These principles guide everything we do and it’s working.  We have been named to the Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing private companies in America two consecutive years.  We have a strong and growing client base that spans from mid-sized to Fortune 500® companies.  We have very high client retention and extremely low turnover among our staff.  Please contact any of us to find out what makes our clients so satisfied and colleagues so happy.

Why Did We Choose the Name Cadence

The name came to us while we were training for a marathon.  In our long weekend runs, there was always a certain pace that created the perfect harmony of our mind and body with the road.  When we hit this cadence, everything seemed effortless and we felt that we could run forever.  In building this company, our desire is to create something of lasting value and we believe we can do this by harmonizing all the dynamic factors that go into a service agency such as ours.